Rava is all about banishing ignorance and letting people read. If you believe we share the same interest, join us make a diferrence.

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Promoting reading, Books, advocacy, social responsibility, motivation, self improvement and a lot more.

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Our board gives us direction and steadies the ship. have a look a the serious minds driving this serious organisation.

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As a growing organisation we believe in partnerships in order to reach our goals, join us on this journey.

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Come on in, we indeed are ONE, there are as many ways of changing our space as there are many of us around, as it has been appropriately said

“ You must cause the change that you want” Let us all bring the transformation to our great continent. That is Rava Zimbabwe Rava Trust clarion call.

Support Rava

Thank you for supporting the efforts of Rava, but before you do allow us to answer the most important question. Why do we exist put in another form, Why do you do what you do at Rava. Our Why is best answered by this quotation from the First Lady of Literacy, Barbra Bush and we quote

If you help a person to read, then their opportunities in life will be endless

Yes that is why we do what we do at Rava. Therefore your first intrinsic support is to promise to make opportunities in your own life endless. How ? wake up early, take a pen and paper write two things you are grateful for from the previous day and then read 20 pages of a book of your choice. Make this a daily habit and you will read a total of 30 books per year. All things you appreciate will summarize into a book that Rava can publish for you. When you master this, introduce 10 people to the habit and see what difference we will make in our lives.  Your contribution will allow dreams to be realized and lives transformed through a reading culture. Thereafter Rava is open for your  material support in kind or cash